Karol Rusin

Karol Rusin, PhD

lawyer, partner

He oversees current affairs of companies, taking care of their development and finances.

He advises entrepreneurs in the field of international expansion and new business plans, scores risk, develops optimal legal and tax solutions. Prepares contracts and documents. He also advises on managerial responsibilities under criminal law, penal and fiscal law and civil law.

He provides permanent legal services to Polish and foreign entities, including enterprises from the energy, mining, FMCG and IT industries. He has experience in providing legal services to foreign companies, including the establishment and organization of a branch in Poland, as well as in the scope of issuing and servicing corporate bonds.

He carried out complicated processes of ownership transformation of business entities representing parties in multifarious civil lawsuits and tax proceedings. He also deals with the broadly understood succession of business operations.

Has the right to sit on the supervisory boards of State Treasury companies. I am fluent in English.

In addition, he is a deputy of the Disciplinary Advocate of the Bar Chamber in Wrocław, deputy member of the District Bar Council in Wrocław, and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities PWSZ im. Witelon in Legnica.

He is a lecturer in the training of trainee advocate trainees at the Bar Association in Wrocław.

602 369 000